Higher Hills 2017 V 1.0 FS17

Higher Hills 2017 V 1.0 FS17

Welcome to Higher Hills in 2017!

This is a UK style map from at undisclosed location. Bigman released this map for FS 11 and Hameland converted it to 2015 and now to 2017 withsome Further changes and additions to the map.
The map has 2 farms. The cow and grain yard in the bottom of the valley and an old sheep barn at the top of the hill. The farmer has now therefore extended this to include pigs! 6 years has gone by since we load saw the farm and the cow bar has been demolized and Replaced with a brand new one. Some trees has therefore grown and a sawmill has been build, ready to swallow some timber.
The terrain is challenging and some tasks will need a heavy and powerful tractor.

Changes from FS15
* Original terrain, field design and buildings kept (houses at farms Replaced).
* Triggers upgraded to FS17.
* Pigs added.
* Some more forrest added.
* Sheep area slighly altered and extended.
* Chopped Straw ready
* PDA icons disabled for animal areas and tipping points. This due to being a small map and not wanting the icons to cludder the PDA.

All crops, straw, grass etc. can be stored at the cow farm When tipping into the grain bunker. Tipping straw at the BGA bunker will not return money, but end up in storage.

Missions is NOT enabled in this map due to the odd shape of the fields. As to replacement for missing missions, 3 wind energy converters are Placed in the map on startup. They generate a hourly income. The previous farmer was very skilled and made good money, so he left you with a generous machine park.

The farm BGA
There is a small BGA next to the silage silos. The process and purpose of the BGA is simple, feed the BGA and it will produce liquid manure in return and so give you some money.

The BGA will accept, and pay you accordingly, for the Following fruits and products (!):
– Bales of any kind
– Silage.
– Wheat and Barley windrow.

Earnvale & Sawmill
Earnvale tractors is the main shop for the area. This is where you can buy new equipment, or sell equipment and get a 25% higher price When equipment Placed within the company marked area.
So Earnvale is the main receiver for grain, potato and sugarbeet. They will therefore buy your eggs and wool from the sheeps. The BGA at the farm loves bales so Earnvale will not buy them.

Original Author FS11 - Bigman (His permission was secured for the FS15 version!)

Convert to FS15 & FS17 and edit - hameland (fs-uk.com profile)

Giants for stuff from original maps

From the FS11 version

Buildings - LS-UK Modteam

Roads by Russ

Freelance Modding Crew Gates

Earn Dale Store - Andrew Stanford

Yard Pack - Deutz Fahr UK & MF6160

Speedcamera - Willjsavage

Old Yard - FMC, Slartibartfast,

Road Closed - Matt390t

Old Cottage - Griffy
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