Kaweco Radium 55 HL v1.0 for LS17

Kaweco Radium 55 HL v1.0 for LS17

Growing self-propelled shredders, shredding, shredding and longer distances require larger silage wagons. KAWECO’s answer: the RADIUM 55 and 60. With a capacity of 47m³, the KAWECO RADIUM 55 is one of the largest vehicles on the market and, like the RADIUM 45 and 50, has many decisive advantages.

The enormous volume of a RADIUM 55 puts heavy strain on the chassis. To master this load, the RADIUM 55 comes standard with a hydraulic axle suspension and a forced steering system. The hydraulic axle suspension is designed with a load-dependent two-chamber nitrogen spring system. This suspension provides an optimal ratio between load, travel and speed, resulting in perfect driving characteristics. Due to the standard larger center distance, it is possible to mount tires up to a height of 1500 mm, without exceeding the maximum height of 4m.

The structure
The RADIUM was the first silage wagon with a conical structure; the back is 6 cm wider than the front. This ensures optimum unloading regardless of the silage product being unloaded. The transport floor, chains and side walls are hot-dip galvanized for a long and reliable service life. By completely welding the sidewall heights, a very lightweight but stable sidewall is created.

front wall
The front wall of the silage wagons is made of a grate plate, so that the driver has a perfect view of the charging process of the vehicle. The upper part of the front wall can be folded down hydraulically, which simplifies the loading process when chopping on the edge of a new corn field. Another solution for quick and easy chopping on the edge of a new corn field is the tiltable RADIUM series. This version makes it easier to drive backwards behind the shredder.

The tailgate is equipped with a mechanical transport protection to ensure safe transport. Hydraulic cylinders lift the tailgate vertically first, until it comes free, then the flap can be opened.

floor chain
All RADIUM silage trailers are equipped with four strong and durable chains driven by a central drive in the middle of the transport floor. The chain and the central drive make unloading easy, fast and reliable. The free ground chain is arranged between the chassis and the body so that it is optimally protected. Vehicles without metering rollers have a hydraulic drive, vehicles with metering rollers are equipped with a mechanical drive. The drive housing is protected by a strong protective cap. The metering rollers are driven mechanically and are coupled to each other by means of a chain transmission. Automatic chain tensioners ensure the right chain tension at all times.

The RADIUM silage wagons can also be equipped with dosing rollers that ensure an even distribution of the silage product on your silo. Due to the even distribution over the entire length of your silo you need less time to balance the silo with the wheel loader / tractor and get stuck. This leads to a higher silage quality and a higher performance of your chopping team.

drive axles
Due to the very stable construction of the chassis, it is possible to use your RADIUM with drive axles. In the most extreme cases, up to 9,000 kg of additional tractive effort can be transmitted to the chassis.
The drive can be implemented both mechanically and hydraulically. The mechanical drive delivers tractive power under all conditions and will continue to drive as long as the tractor delivers power. In addition, it is easily possible to realize a longitudinal or transverse lock. To ensure the safety of the system and the driver, KAWECO uses a shiftable clutch. This ensures that the drive can be decoupled under all conditions.

The hydraulic drive uses special hub motors, which are released during road transport. This minimizes drag and thus fuel consumption during transport. In addition to this advantage, the hydraulic drive offers fully stepless control up to a maximum speed of +/- 12 km / h, depending on tire height.
Which of the drive options you choose, you will be surprised at the savings. Less fuel consumption due to an even distribution of power, both under severe conditions in the field and on the silo. No additional tug required if conditions on the field become heavier or the silos higher. At any time unloaded on the silo, which makes you unnecessary

Modell: LSHUB
Textur: NoN87, Kaltemilch
Script: FSM, NoN87, LSHUB
Idee / Konzept: LSHUB,NoN87
Tester: TT Modding, NoN87, LSHUB
Sonstige: LSHUB
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