Bjornholm version for FS 17


– small changes
– changed textures on startup fields

-change swine farm
– a modified sheep farm
– corrected teleports
– Improved icons on the map
– corrected fields
– Changed purchase names (translated into other languages)
– removed mipmaps

– new starting point
– new launch vehicles
– changes in pigs
– changes in cows
– added new elements
– removed lantern on field 21

I present a map of Bjornholm from the Farming Simulator 17. The map was originally created by Farmer3640.
The map has been edited.
Fully polished, changed textures to those of FS 15.
Also changed startup machines, those with Farming Simulator 15.
The map looks like the original map from the previous game. Ideal for those with Scandinavian climates.

Farmer3640 Edytowana przez: CryKillerPL
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