Welcome to the Birkenhof. After over half a year of construction, I would like to introduce you today my latest project and offer for download.

The Birkenhof is a kind of Saxonia or core city in large format. Anyone who wants to take on this map, takes a lot of time, strong nerves and desire for a lot of work. Because there is a lot on the map. This is not only ensured by the 54 fields with a size of approx. 6 to 325 ha, of which only very few are helper-friendly, but also the many production areas.
Who wants to start the entire productions, who can not help but to take the forest in attack. Empty pallets and cardboard boxes are needed in almost every production, and to produce them you need a lot of wood. However, a back door is installed for all forest rots. There is the possibility of buying wood at the lower sawmill. For this you need a special trailer, which you will find in the shop under Map Extras.

Attention! There are contradictory statements regarding the use of the trailer in multiplayer. So there is the statement that the trailer would sink into the ground after buying and resetting, the other statement is that there are no problems. I think game communities that play the card in the MP will not need this trailer as they will get the wood in the usual way. But I think it’s important to point out that there may be problems for one or the other player. This affects only the MP range, in the SP, the trailer works accurately.

There is a large main courtyard, which has a siding. I have decided against an extra feed store, it can unload all fruits of the harvest in the main silo. It is also possible to load the products back into a truck and train. There are 2 fermenters in the yard. The 2nd fermenter is intended for loading by train. All trains can load grass, straw etc. This allows you to mow even in more remote regions of grass, create this to a reloading station and then take the train to the farm.
There are several reloading stations and satellite camps. The outdoor warehouses have the same function as the reloading stations, but are visually different. The capacity of the storage and reloading stations, as well as the main silo, has been dramatically increased to meet the huge volumes of the harvest.

In addition to the standard fruits, there is also the possibility to grow sugar cane on this map. At the beginning, you have 3 starting fields that belong to you (box 27-29), which are right next to the yard.
In order not only to have the sugarcane as a useless fruit on the menu, I also built a rum distillery and it can also be delivered as raw material to the sugar factory.
Incidentally, there is something special about the sugar factory. There are 2 independent productions installed. So you can produce loose sugar, molasses and compound feed. However, the raw material for this production must be delivered by train. Then there is the pallet production, where you can also deliver the raw materials with the truck / tractor.
I installed a pulp mill near the yard for the cardboard boxes. To cover the demand for cardboard, there is a second pulp mill near a larger forestry area. The pulp mill needs wood and wood chips for production, as well as empty pallets, of course.

2 sawmills for the production of board pallets
4 plants for the production of empty pallets
2 pulp mills
1 large bakery
1 village bakery
1 oil mill. Produces 3 types of oil for home use on pallets
1 edible oil production, produces liquid cooking oil for the bakeries, as a by-product or compound feed
1 pasta factory
1 crispbread production
1 sugar factory
1 weaving mill
1 plant for the production of racks for the weaving mill
1 pro nature AG
1 rum still
1 Böttcher (produces barrels for the rum distillery)
1 seed and fertilizer production.
1 butcher
1 bio-diesel refinery, produces not only diesel but also AdBlue and compound feed
1 mill, produces loose flour and flour on pallets
1 dairy

Furthermore, there are 2 warehouses for empty pallets and wooden pallets.

Except for the cardboard boxes, all products (pallet goods) can be stored and retrieved in the large logistics center. So you are not forced to sell all products immediately.

As far as the landscape is concerned, the map is rather flat again. Although there are 3 different levels, but my talent to model a rippled landscape is still very low. After all, there are already 4 fields, which are not flattened.

There are a total of 4 trains. 3 routes are used to bring the harvest to the farm, there are also some outlets and the sugar factory connected. You can reload at a reloading station and in the yard between the trains. The 4th track is a pure and above all separate wood line. This connects 3 forest areas, each with individual cranes, to the 2nd sawmill.

There are 2 locations on the map, one overseas port and one cargo port. An airport is also available. At the request of one of my test players, the farm also has a helipad, with the possibility of fertilizer and fuel to refuel. A small marina, campsite and even a small amusement park (hype) is also available. On top of that, there are empty industrial areas where you can block your placeable mods.

According to my previous knowledge, the card requires higher hardware requirements. It can therefore be assumed that the card will not run on any computer. If necessary, you have to find this out for yourself.
This is one of the reasons why I did not place trees all over the map. If the performance is right for you, Giants offers you the well-known possibilities to set the trees yourself.

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